Why choose BIA ?

Why choose BIA ?

BIA  has a professional dedicated team consisting of doctors, nurses, paramedics, aero- medical experts, multilingual coordinators and travel professionals, who are ready to come to your aid providing a high level of quality care. BIA is prepared, flexible and empathic and considers the needs of the clients.

We apply outstanding services of:

* Specialized operators are in place to coordinate with the client’s dilemma.

*BIA’S qualified cost containment team can control all overpriced and overtreatment medical acts in the Egyptian touristic market, also in the Middle East and Arabia markets.

*Reaching the most remote destinations, with agility and efficiency.

*Skilled experienced medical team in repatriation assistance.

Alarm Center 24/7

BIA alarm center is a committed service 24 hours a day.

Our alarm center is on call around the clock to provide for you and your customers’ needs, even in the most remote destinations.

Your trust is our main concern, following your telephone call, fax, live support chat or e mail, our dedicated multilingual team will act immediately and professionally to reach a solution and to provide a high level of outstanding quality care.