Medical Assistant

BIA is able to provide the below services:

  • Providing a medical service all over Egypt, including the inaccessible area’s.
  • Arranging a 4×4 Desert Ambulance all over Egypt.
  • Accommodating an Air ambulance for both internal and international missions.
  • Arrange hospitalization.
  • Provide medical information and reports.
  • Arrange medical escorts.
  • Monitor medical treatments.
  • Provide cost containments and expenses control.
  • Provide medicine and wheelchairs.
  • Arrange medical equipment.
  • Guarantee medical fees in rescue services: (sea, desert and mountains).
  • Arrange hospital inspection and quality control team.
  • Condition to adapt the patient’s circumstances to provide the patient safety.
  • Provide an incubator for baby transportation.
  • Arrange a canceller for bereavement cases.