Cost Containment Assistance

Cost Containment Assistance

Cost containment is an important factor which enables business to run smoothly.

BIA endeavors to relieve the burdens for the insurance companies or customers, by providing a cost effective case.

We not only focus on the incurred cost but also aim to prevent the pre-occurrence of unreasonable overpriced invoices.

We are involved in the case from the beginning of the process while we have local knowledge & expertise to achieve a maximum result for our customers.


BIA has a process for containment for overall medical assurance

  • Receiving calls for the medical help and assistance.
  • Transfer to reputed and highly standard medical provider.
  • Approving medical services through our experienced team.
  • Reviewing & evaluating the overall hospitalization and admissions procedures.
  • Reviewing the hospital’s medical & invoicing assessment.
  • Reviewing the hospital’s admission decisions.
  • Reviewing the operations and surgeries classifications.


Our cost containment service

Our cost containment service program is assuring both medical quality and cost control as well, the cost containment team calculates a percentage of reasonable and customary cost.

This percentage reflects the calculated possible saved amount of money for the insurance company dealing with these files, to ensure our cost containment  role is running in a positive way.