About us

BIA (British international Assistance)

BIA is an assistance professional association based in Hurghada Egypt, with an outstanding reputation for the travel insurance market, the guiding force behind our action is the commitment we contribute to our clients.

We are a British – Egyptian association with over 30 years of professional expertise in the UK, and over 10 years in the insurance business and assistance enterprise in the Egyptian touristic market.

This association is successfully launched relying on the honorableness of the local and vast international expertise in the insurance business, by holding senior operational and managerial positions in:

*Assistance operational
*Cost containment
*Risks and authication  in a large numerous multinational companies in the UK and Europe.

We have gained these experiences by collaborating together with the majority of hospitals, medical centers, and clinics in Egypt.

BIA consists of a team of experts able to contribute the highest quality of assistants and services to companies and tourists in Egypt.

BIA is embracing the international standards based on the British quality criteria and regulations.

We offer an integrated service by BIA Helpline team, who will provide assistance with:

*Air and ground medical ambulance.
*Travel agencies providing air tickets.
*Hotel accommodations and funeral services in (Egypt, UK, UAE, Europe, USA and Canada).