About Our Association

BIA is an assistance professional association based in Hurghada Egypt, with an outstanding reputation for the travel insurance market, the guiding force behind our action is the commitment we contribute to our clients.

We are a British – Egyptian association with over 30 years of professional expertise in the UK, and over 10 years in the insurance business and assistance enterprise in the Egyptian touristic market.

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Medical Patient Transfer

ICU Transfer Services consists of Air & Ground Ambulances. ICU Ambulance services consist of ground and mobile ICU Services.

Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud can afflict anxiety and can cause considerable stress. Insurance fraud investigation centers are protecting the client from a fraudulent attempt of an excessive.

Repatriation Medical Evacuation

Repatriation is the process of escorting a person back to one’s place of origin, BIA has extensive experience in this field.

Funeral Assistance

In the unfortunate event that a covered individual passes away while traveling, we arrange and obtain the necessary paperwork.

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